Bicyclism is a series of photographs made for an exhibition at Leeds City Museum in June/July 2014. The present-day portraits of people and their bicycles from the Leeds area were juxtaposed with crowd-sourced photographs collected from people's photo albums.

The exhibition featured music played on bicycles as well as an animated film made up of bits of bikes. There was also a newspaper-style publication of the portraits alongside an essay by Boff Whalley.

 Vikram, Hyde Park, Leeds 2014

 Yorkshire Club Cyclists, Tan Hill 1950s

 John Salter, Leeds 2014

 Phil Stanway, Roundhay Park, Leeds 1965 

 Angie & Julian Coburn-Hough, Armley 2014 

 Meeting of Yorks & Lancs CCs 1950s

 Bicyclism newspaper (front & back)