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Burnley Creatives!

I was so pleased to be a part of this collaborative photoshoot for Burnley Magazine last month with Fashion designer Sameera Mohmed and model Lamissah La Shontae. They are two brilliant young creatives from Burnley making things happen for themselves! Samara’s first collection has been taken up by Boohoo after graduatin from University f Central Lancashire and Lamissah just received a Child of Britain Award for her charity work. I’ll be working in Burnley with MidPennine Arts and throughout The North in 2022/23 photographing Northern style and youth culture as Saturday Town. This commission from Burnley Council was so important to me as next up with this work I want more collaborations; with fashion designers and folks on the streets, youth groups and town streets. Let’s go! I’m so excited to develop this next series, to dive deeper into the language of fashion and how we can read our society through youth culture. Where are we going as a society? What are the values and beliefs that will shape the future? The world is theirs and It makes me hopeful to witness them manifesting a world rich in creativity! You can read the interviews with all of us here -

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