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Saturday Girl About Town Chester and The Watergate Street Gallery hatch plans for Springtime!

Winter is over! (Yeah it's still February but I'm calling it.) I am so ready for more light, more sunshine. Aren't we all ready to shed these layers, these coats and scarves, hibernating selves, ready to push through the cold Earth and start fresh? In this coming season we are collaborating with The Watergate Street Gallery in Chester who are hosting the pop up portrait studio on March 12th in their (vaulted ceiling!) lower level gallery.

We will be photographing in the gallery and also onto the streets to mix with the passing folks, shopping and promenading, the architecture and ancient walkways of this Roman city. Saturday Girl About Town is about the public spaces of our towns and cities and the way these are reflected in our expressions of self. Every place I've been to is whole and distinct while sharing qualities of place and culture, the times we live in, economy and relationship to land (and sea).

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